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• Al Hamra for economic consulting established in 2014

• We provide the best research, studies, and sophisticated economic consulting.

• We rely on the finest resources, analytical tools, and statistics.

• An outstanding team including many experts.


To be the best choice for local, regional, and global investors through providing the most innovative, and compatible consulting services to achieve the true shareholder value.


Professionalism: we are committed to providing the best services to our clients.


Excellence: we communicate with our clients on a regular basis to help them achieve the highest return.


Creativity: we continue to develop our services to satisfy client's needs.


Real Estate

We are keen to provide you with the best advice on owning, selling, purchasing and renting real estate, as well as sharing information with investors who are interested in commercial real estate inside or outside Kuwait.


We find our clients from corporations, institutions, and individual the technical studies and evaluation related to Kuwaiti securities as well as offering consulting regard mergers, acquisition, exist the capital market, finding new opportunities, and preparing restructuring plans.

Gold Bullion Prices

We are working to attract a large segment of investors, particularly bank clients who wish to gain a high return with minimum risk. This service is carefully designed to satisfy their investment objectives and needs.

Al Hamra Club for promising youth

Our youth are the driving force behind the success of our company and will lead us forward into the future. We are delighted to welcome the promising generation to be the members of Al Hamra youth club.

We started our business locally from Kuwait and are soon targeting GCC and global markets.

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Al Hamra Club for promising youth

Our youth are the driving force behind the success of our company and will lead us forward into the future. We are delighted to welcome the promising generation to be the members of Al Hamra youth club.



Sharq area – AlHamra Tower – AlShuhada Street – floor 35

5819 Safat 13059 Kuwait

Foreign Exchange Rates

We offer consulting sessions that are related to the sale and purchase of foreign currencies with quality precision and comprehensive recommendations.

Oil Prices

We prepare studies associated with fluctuations in global oil prices and provide our clients with accurate statistical information. In addition, sessions are offered giving information on how oil is sold and purchased for investment and speculative purposes.

Small & Medium Projects

We assist you in selecting the ideal orientation that meets your expectation to build a small & medium scaled project through a proper structure such as; naming the project, determining the type of product or service provided, the study of targeted audiences and competitors, determining pricing policy, utilization of effective advertising and determining the value of the project.


This service prepares the appropriate studies in industrial sector with a focus on new industries, helping them to enter the region & cooperate with existing firms.


We offer special economic marketing consulting in many areas of the business, including strategic planning for marketing and sales. Other services include preparation of studies, questionnaires, management promotion, and managing campaigns. We provide management consulting to raise the level of business performance, determine the needs of retail stores, development and implementation of the marketing strategy.

Feasibility Studies & Action Plans

Our company will help you prepare a successful business plan that will show you how to expand step by step, and how to communicate with different entities. In addition, we outline the risks you may experience and how to overcome them.  The plan also advices on daily tasks such as group work ultimately having a positive effect on your business strategy.

Exhibitions and Conferences

Organizing exhibitions and conferences based on key elements that help to provide our quality services and excellent staff members at all levels of our business.


Our services in this area include:


• Event management

• Participants' information

• Registration

• Internet, fax & phone

• Instant translation

• Design

• Print

• Public relations

• Media

• Lighting

• Photography

• Event management


We provide Human resources services including:


• A system dedicated to advancing job performance

• Providing management consulting services associated with recruitment.

• Develop or revise job descriptions for all of the following:


1. Position in the company

2. The objectives of the job

3. Job duties

4. Qualifications and experience requirements

5. The competencies required for the job such as (knowledge, skills and abilities)

6. Prepare organizational and functional structure.

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